Hey, I'm Kale, welcome to my website. You can find music and writing and a bunch of other shit I do on here, but I'm mostly a standup comic.

I'm from Australia but performing mainly in New York City. Come see me at a show.

Meanwhile, you can watch a clip of me performing at Backfat Variety, one of my favorite shows in Brooklyn.

Here are some shows I have coming up. Shows marked with a are Junior Assassin Shows.

Wed August 10th
Tue August 23rd
Wed September 5th
Wed September 14th

Junior Assassin is a rapper and singer who is me. He has his own website and you should definitely check that out. If a whole other website is too much for you, try this track we released to celebrate the RNC's triumphant nomination of an interesting candidate.

Late one night in the spring of 2016 I was watching All the President's Men and reading the internet at the same time. Always a bad idea. I started thinking about all the cool Gates we've had since that first one, and also all the times the suffix has been frivolously applied to some bullshit: Donutgate, Deflategate, Nipplegate, etc.

I decided we needed a comprehensive authority on what counts as a Gate, and what doesn't. Because I'd had a few drinks that night, I also decided that authority should be me. I stopped reading the internet and by the time the movie was finished, I'd started making the Gate Crimes website.

Gate Crimes now covers over a hundred scandals or all sizes from around the world and I'm adding new ones whenever they come up or I remember that they happened.

There are about a million ways to contact me:

  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Find me on Facebook.
  • Send an email to kbogdanovs at gmail dot com.
  • Stalk me to one of my shows.

Okay, about four ways.